The Alberta Real World Evidence (RWE) Consortium

Alberta has one of the largest, most mature, detailed and comprehensive health system data depositories in Canada. With this advantage, Alberta is poised to become a global leader in Real World Evidence (RWE) generation.

The Alberta RWE Consortium is the preferred first point of contact for RWE projects in Alberta. The Alberta RWE Consortium facilitates basic to highly complex RWE studies, generating a wide range of evidence including incidence and prevalence of disease in specific populations, treatment patterns including sequencing, adherence, and persistence, safety monitoring, as well as comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Functions of the Consortium

Through the Consortium, industry and other health system partners have access to coordinated resources, expertise, and well-defined processes that ensures high-quality RWE studies.

The Alberta RWE Consortium:

  1. Engages key stakeholders to provide guidance and improve the value of RWE studies
  2. Convenes the best pan-provincial teams
  3. Provides world-class project support, including study design, execution, and knowledge sharing

The Consortium is primarily concerned with projects that are evaluations of safety, effectiveness, and/or value of a technology or other intervention that is currently used in clinical practice (i.e., not an intervention being tested in a randomized controlled trial in a limited patient population).

Further information about the Alberta RWE Consortium can be found here:

Consortium Membership

The Consortium is co-chaired by the Director, Health Technology Assessment Unit of the University of Calgary, the Assistant Dean, Health Outcomes of the University of Alberta, and the Executive Director and CEO of the Institute of Health Economics. Additional organizations that are members of the Consortium include the Government of Alberta (the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade), Alberta Health Services, and Alberta Innovates.

Contact the Consortium

The Institute of Health Economics is the Secretariat for the Consortium, and preferred first point of contact for industry and other sponsors interested in discussing a potential RWE project in the province. For more information about the Alberta RWE Consortium, please email us at [email protected].

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