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Biologics/Biosimilars Project Update

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A meeting of the Implementation Working Group took place on June 26, 2018. Alberta Health provided an update regarding their preliminary discussions with the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance about potential opportunities to partner resources for a project in Alberta that could support provincial aspects of biosimilar implementation, as well as opportunities to leverage more broadly. At this time, Alberta Health is still considering options and approaches. With this, a decision has been jointly made by the Consortium and Alberta Health to withdraw biologics/biosimilars as a Consortium project. The IHE will revisit this work and the needed support with Alberta Health at a future date.

The Working Groups (Implementation and Data Monitoring) were established prior to the creation of the Alberta RWE Consortium, which eventually assumed leadership for the project and supported the Working Groups from a project management perspective. The Working Groups may still be of value to Alberta Health, and therefore may be convened for support when information can be shared on the funding, timing, focus, and deliverables. This activity will occur independently of the Consortium, and essentially reflect an earlier state prior to formation of the Consortium. Similarly, the Data Monitoring Working Group may be engaged at the appropriate time to understand what value-added support can be provided by that group in the context of ongoing clinically-led initiatives to establish monitoring metrics and platforms.

Biologics/Biosimilar Project

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The Alberta RWE Consortium is pleased to announce that the first project that will be supported by the Consortium is on the topic of biologics/biosimilars.  The deliverables of this project will support Alberta Health with managing the translation, implementation, and monitoring of policy developed via a collaborative pan-Canadian process managed by the pCPA.  The project will enable Alberta to realize the expected benefits from the introduction of biosimilars to the health system and the patients it serves. Specifically, it will:

  • support Alberta Health and other stakeholders with pan-Canadian policy direction and principle interpretation/adaptation to the Alberta context in order to inform Alberta biosimilar strategy;
  • provide an implementation framework and supporting resources to assist patients and physicians to utilize biosimilars as intended by policy; and
  • prospectively build an evidence base to inform policy, and provide a monitoring and reporting service regarding outcomes achieved with biosimilars to inform clinical decision-making.

Further information about how stakeholder input will inform this project will be shared when available.